I like to say that I built Riley’s Brewing Company with a welder in my hands and a fire in my belly. But my friends and family will tell you I built it to stay in my wife’s good graces.

Both versions of the story are true.

You see, homebrewing beer has been a tradition in my family for generations. Much of my childhood was spent at my grandfather’s side, watching him brew beer and listening to him share family stories. I credit my grandfather for igniting my passion for homebrewing, which began in five-gallon batches on the kitchen stove.

My longsuffering wife patiently endured the smell, the mess, the chipped countertops. But she drew the line when her pantry was covered in fermenting beer after a carboy blew its top. She rightly kicked my homebrewing operation into the garage.

Our garage quickly became a regular hangout for more and more of my friends. We’d fire-up the barbecue and enjoy my latest homebrews in an atmosphere of fun and laughter. Outsiders soon heard the buzz about my homebrews, and total strangers began asking where they could pick it up! Once again, it was my wife who drew the line in the sand: it was time to find a new home for my brewing obsession.

Fortunately, a building had just become available on the property of my business: Steel Structures, Inc. It would be more than just a cool place to continue a hobby. It would be where our family would stake its legacy.

So, with welder in hand, I began building what has grown to become our 20-barrel brewery, Riley’s Brewing Company. It’s been a hands-on family brewery ever since, as Steel Structures, Inc., built everything from fermenters and bright tank, to the boil kettle and brew system. We are now located on a 16 acre complex with approximately 76,000 square feet of buildings.

We’ve never shied away from hard work or getting our hands dirty to get the job done right. Whatever it takes to create beers we’re proud to put our name on. So far, we’ve done just that. Several thousand cases down, and billions more to go.

Dan Riley

Owner / Brewer